Science Around Us






Scriptwriter, Director, Actor, Editor

Never, in my wildest imagination, would I write a film script, direct it, edit it and even act in it myself. But when Dutch Broadcasting Company NPO-3 and Dutch TV Station AvroTros selected our project out of many other projects all over the country, I dived nose first into the world of filmmaking.

I am so very proud of our work and every single person who works in it (That’s why I put all their names below).

Currently "Science Around Us" is in its Film Festival Run. Shoot me a line if you want to have a look with a private link.

After finding out that his father was admitted into a hospital and refuses further medical treatment in Indonesia, Budi,  an Indonesian, in-the-closet, prodigal son who lives in The Netherlands,  has to reconnect and convince his stubborn father to take medical treatment while trying to clean up his post-sex party Airbnb . All in 20 minutes.

Director : Arif Abdillah
Scriptwriter : Arif Abdillah & Tommaso Genovesi
Produced : Marijn van der Ploeg & Arif Abdillah
Director of Photography : Tobias Smeets
Production Designer & Costume: Chavelli Martodihardjo
Editor : Arif Abdillah & Huub Verburg
Music : Renán Zelada Cisneros
Budi : Arif Abdillah
Bapak : Gundhul Ibnu Widodo
Henk : Aris Julian
Bima : Muhammad Banyu Bening
Nurse : Kiswati Anjarini
Julia : Julia van Berkom
First Assistant Director : Robert - Jonathan Koeyers
Second Assistant Director : Frederike Scheffer
Steadicam Operator : Max Franken
Focus Puller : Arjen Ottema
Data handler  : Celestin Dubin
Gaffer : Otto Ligt
Light Assistant : Kevin Kessels
Line Producer : Marijn van der Ploeg
Second AD : Frederike Scheffer
Producer Assistant : Marjan Voskuilen
Make-up and Costume : Anien Salomons
Art Department Assistant : Thomas Dekker
Location Sound recorder : Jesper Bauer
Sound Designer : Zeno Hehenkamp
Foley : Arif Abdillah & Zeno Hehenkamp
VFX : Ömür Sönmez
Colorist : Remi Lindenhovius
Graphic Designer : Joran Backx & Arif Abdillah
Javanese translation consultant : Novita Dwi Ariani
English Translation Consultant : Lucy Courtnal
Dutch Translation Consultant : Bram Trouwborst
Legal - Indonesia : Anggia Rukmasari S.H., LL.M
Broadcaster Producer : Mieke de Bruijn & Cindy Schriek
Dramaturg : Ellen Dorrestein, Astrid van Keulen & Lulu Sorber
Coordinator NPO-3 Lab : Jos Arthursen