Tabula Rasa






Creative, Writer, Video Editor

When Microsoft launched Microsoft Surface, they wanted a story that embodies the idea of "Infinite Possibility".

I believe when designing and communicating tech products and services, I have to dive beyond features.
it's less about what it can do, but how we feel when we get in touch with that piece of technology.

The problem is that talking about emotion requires a certain amount of vulnerability and emotional nakedness.

So here we go--

I have been moving home from one city to another since I was 11.

I learned that I hate or love my life as much as I hate or love the city I live in.

I just moved into Rotterdam back then.

I started to realise that -well-- to put it mildly- Rotterdam is not the most aesthetically pleasing city in the world.


I also started to know how Rotterdam was bombed to the ground in 1940 in World War II.

I started to know that after the war was ended, Rotterdammers took a bold move to look forward and see them self as a blank slate,

as an "infinite possibility", as a Tabula Rasa.

Yes, this project brought me my second (WOODEN) D&AD New Blood Pencil, But more importantly, this project makes me fall in love with this city.

Rotterdam, the most beautiful shit hole there is.

Co-Creative : Marijn van der Ploeg, Joost Smith