The Destination





W+K Amsterdam


Creative, Designer, Illustrator

RIMOWA raised a question on how they can celebrate visually impaired travellers.

With that question, we visited their factory in Cologne to research.

We found out that- aside from their suitcase- Rimowa stickers are highly sought after and have a big reach, as it sticks to travelling suitcases all over the world.

So to celebrate the brevity of the visually impaired travellers, we make stickers specifically for them.

Sticker series that can be "seen" by both visually and non- visually impaired persons.

Direction I : Destination Sticker

This destination sticker is designed with Braille as the centre piece.

Translation | Top : New York Winter| Middle : SNOW| Bottom : RIMOWA
Translation | Top : Japanese Spring| Middle : Sakura| Bottom : RIMOWA

Translation | Top : Egyptian Summer | Middle : Dust | Bottom : RI

Translation : Top : Burmese Summer | Middle : RAIN Bottom : RIMOWA

Direction II : Visually Impaired Simulation Sticker

Normal Vision VS Protanopia
Normal Vision VS Tritanopia

Normal Vision VS Blurry Vision of Cataracts or Myopia

Normal Vision VS Age Related Macular Degeneration
Normal Vision VS Tunnel Vision from Glaucoma

Direction III : Onomatopeia

How to portray the sound of places in a sticker?

Only when you touch it, can you hear it.

Braille Translation : TUK - TUK | BANGKOK | TUK - TUK

Braille Translation : CHIRP - CHIRP | TOKYO | CICADAS